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Luvanto Flooring

LSM Flooring now stock a new range of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luvanto Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers the appearance and texture of a beautiful real wood or stone floor. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, Luvanto® offers a highly authentic look which is hard to distinguish from real natural materials.

Why choose Luvanto?

Stylish and Affordable
Luvanto Vinyl Flooring allows you to enjoy a floor which looks and feels like a high quality natural wood or stone floor, but at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, it is warm to the touch and very quiet underfoot, giving your room a luxurious appearance and welcoming feel.

Versatile and Hardwearing
Luvanto Vinyl Flooring is the perfect choice for nearly every type of room, and is suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Thanks to its ultra heavy duty resistance to wear, it can be used in areas of heavy traffic, such as kitchens. Your floor will be kept looking excellent for many years.

Hygienic and easy to maintain
Luvanto Vinyl Flooring is extremely hygienic, having no fibres which collect dirt and germs. Unlike natural flooring materials, it requires minimal ongoing maintenance, saving a considerable amount of time and spend on floor care products and services.

Visit our showroom in Altrincham to see the full range available to you.